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Welcome to littleAps, chilean developer of useful Shareware, Freeware & Custom applications for your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Our mission is straightforward and simple, developing utilities that are small, not too resource hungry, and above all, enrich your digital life. So go ahead and feel free to contact to us.

Software for Mac OS X & Classic

Archivaldo (Mac OS X)


Archivaldo is the FREE file archiver for the rest of us, where you can pack, extract, delete, password protect, search and share all your files in a compact binary file system called ARA (Archivaldo Resource Archive). The ARA file is a file system with the capacity to accommodate theoretically unlimited numbers of files, of any size or type ( jpg, gif, avi, mpg, ogg, mov, txt, mp3, mp3, acc, doc, iso, etc) only limited by the free space available in your hard disk or storage device. Also you can add or remove files from your Archivaldo archive at any time, Archivaldo will contract or expand dynamically the archive depending on your needs.More info here.

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Okidoki Guard 2.2 (Mac Classic)

Okidoki Guard logoDownload

Okidoki Guard is a nice and simple program designed to password-protect your Mac.To install simply launch the app , define your password and reboot your mac. Okidoki move it self to Startup items in the System Folder. For uninstall Okidoki just click in the "Uninstall" button in setup window.Okidoki Guard also have a cool feature called Maxi-Proteccion wich creates a Log file "OkiLog" (located in Preferences Folder) with date and time of every password error, Maxi-Proteccion also shutdown the computer if an user fails 3 times in the password prompt screen, and if someone attempt force to quit Okidoki Guard.


You can view the screen shots here and here.

This App is not developed or supported anymore, I considered it my abandonware, but if you have a old Mac with OS 7.5 to 9 feel free to download and use for free !!!

Serial Number: 24066189

Software for iPhone & iPad

Indices Free 1.0

indices logoDownload

Toda la información económica que debes tener en la palma de tu mano.

Top App en Finanzas del App Store Chilestars

Indices Free es una aplicación para obtener, calcular y visualizar imprescindible y actualizada información económica para los chilenos o extranjeros que visitan Chile. (Sólo para iOS)

MT Mobile 2.0.5

MT Mobile logoDownload

MT Mobile para iOS es una aplicación para el hogar o negocio, desde donde se puede monitorear por medio de tu iPhone, iPod o iPad, todas las actividades del inmueble. Requiere contratación del servicio en www.mttouch.cl

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